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Imagine how your life would change if you stopped trying to prove your worth and instead started to claim it.

are you ready to
get out of your own way?

executive coaching, business coaching, &  personal development for driven professionals ready to have it all.

If you’re looking for an ivy-league street-fighter whose orientation is laser focused on life-changing results, both personally & professionally—it’s Dr. Liz Dubois. As far as I’m concerned, she is unparalleled.”
– L. A. Gomez, Executive Coaching Client

A message from

Dr. Liz


Hey fellow overachiever,

I’ve been there. I remember feeling like I was on the verge of getting to the next level, certain that I was on the path for more, but unclear on how to actualize it.

It wasn’t until hiring my first coach that I finally got out of my own way, and started to rewrite the shitty stories I’d been carrying around about why I wasn’t worthy of the life that I had been dreaming of.

Unlike therapy, coaching helped me proactively overcome obstacles instead of just talking about why they existed. 

I started showing up differently: I set better boundaries, I walked away from things that were no longer serving me, both personally and professionally. My income doubled, then tripled. I saw myself as capable, confident and deserving of making an impact in the world, while creating a beautiful life more for myself and my family. 

Let me show you how I’ve created these results for myself and hundreds of people around the world.

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boss bitch university

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1:1 private coaching is for leaders & high achievers who have busted their asses to reach professional goals, but are still struggling with imposter syndrome and anxiety. Customized 3, 6, or 12 month programs meet your unique goals, fully tap into your zone of genius, and feel unstoppable.

Boss Bitch Univerity is designed with high-achieving women in mind. Through course offerings that include group masterminds, live trainings, and masterclasses, you will unapologetically own your expertise, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate unstoppable confidence.

Your team’s success is a direct reflection of how confident, empowered, and valued they feel. Bespoke workshops foster a more collaborative, purpose-driven workplace, and inspires team members to contribute more effective, creative, powerful work to your organization.

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feel more confident
get out of your own way
stop constantly questioning yourself
enjoy your work more
unapologetically own your expertise
stop apologizing, period.
feel worthy of the success you've achieved
have more time for the people you love

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