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Are you ready to be unstoppable?

1:1 coaching for high performers, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives

A Message from Dr. Liz

For the first 34 years of my life, I built my life based on what I thought I was “supposed” to do.

I did everything right, and I got all the things. Solidly decent husband. Dream house. Fancy education. Dream job with fancy title. And a cute kid to boot! So how was it possible that most nights I was crying myself to sleep? I had checked all the boxes, and then some…and I was miserable. 

If this sounds like you, pull up a chair and stay a bit. If you’re the girl crying herself to sleep, know that you don’t have to stay that way. I figured the way out. The tools I’ve developed and teach my clients have empowered me to become ME, the authentic, messy, wonderful, goofy person I was born to be.

I can help you claim your happy, too. Like me, you can go from being the person floundering to finding yourself, to a person who is:

Sure of who you are.
Unafraid to be yourself.
Present for your kids, and confident as a parent.
Not losing sleep worried that you said the wrong thing.
Not wasting money on stupid shit you don't need.
Doing meaningful, fulfilling work.
Saying "THANK YOU, NEXT" to partners that cross boundaries. and, most importantly,
ABSOLUTELY unwilling to make yourself small to please others.

Meet Dr. Liz

Elizabeth DuBois, PhD, CDC is an executive coach for CEO entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and public servants. For the past fourteen years, Dr. DuBois has worked with hundreds of women and men navigating interpersonal professional and business-related challenges, using Conflict Analysis and Resolution tools and her intuitive skills.

Dr. Liz works with clients from across the globe, in diverse fields that range from tech start-ups and lobbyists to romance authors and Miss America contestants. Her current client roster includes a top-selling author honored as Amazon’s Top100 most-read authors, seven-figure entrepreneurs, and a Forbes featured coach honored as Yahoo’s Top 10 Money Coaches in the world.

Drawing from a range of Conflict Analysis and Resolution frameworks, spiritual approaches, EFT, inner-child models, and forward-focused talk therapy modalities, Dr. Liz’s unique approach empowers clients to address trauma. codependency, and self-worth issues so they can envision and create world-changing companies.


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