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Executive Coach, Imposter-Syndrome Slayer

Dr. Liz works with clients from across the globe, in diverse fields that range from tech start-ups and lobbyists to romance authors and Miss America contestants. Her current client roster includes a top-selling author honored as Amazon’s Top100 most-read authors, seven-figure entrepreneurs, and a Forbes featured coach honored as Yahoo’s Top 10 Money Coaches in the world.

Drawing from a range of Conflict Analysis and Resolution frameworks, spiritual approaches, EFT, inner-child models, and forward-focused talk therapy modalities, Dr. Liz’s unique approach empowers clients to address trauma. codependency, and self-worth issues so they can envision and create world-changing companies.

Client Outcomes

→ Promoted to executive leadership
→ Scaled their businesses to seven figures
→ Landed partnerships and big fat juicy raises to go with them
→ Increased sales by more than 17X
→ Been featured in publications including Bustle and Forbes
→ Sold out programs within hours of their first session
→ Landed on the Amazon Top 10 Best-seller list
→ Increased their income by more than 40% in a month
→ Found pleasure and safety in sex for the first time in years
→ Fired shitty clients and landed dream ones at significantly higher price points
→ Felt safe asking for their needs to be met in their personal relationships
→ Drawn boundaries with toxic coworkers and bosses
→ Felt significantly more confident and happy

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My Coaching is not for you if…

→ You’re looking for a quick fix for imposter syndrome
→ You’re not ready to call yourself on your own bullshit
→ You have endless excuses to why you’re unhappy
→ You blame your lack of success on external conditions

Profesional bio…

Balancing getting all the things done at the same time as being the exact kind of person each different stakeholder expected me to be.
I hated that part of the job.
And I didn’t know that it was ok to be any other way.
I didn’t realize that the people I served would be BETTER served if I approached my job from a place of feeling comfortable and safe in my own skin, being just me, in all of my me-ness.
When I realized I could be all of myself, all of the time, my life radically shifted.
I stopped spending time with people who made me feel like shit about myself… and I started liking myself more (imagine that).
I stopped talking about shit that ran counter to my beliefs, so my belief in myself and my integrity skyrocketed.
I stopped apologizing so much, stopped catering to people who I thought were bullshit.
I allowed space in my life for the possibility that I was just human, and didn’t need to have it all figured out already.
The messy middle became my sanctuary. I was a work in progress, and I was (mostly) ok with the discomfort of allowing myself to grow beyond a white-bread, cookie cutter executive career path.
My anxiety plummeted.
My self-confidence soared.
Again and again and again, I chose myself over the version of myself other’s felt comfortable with me being.
A new normal set in, one where I was comfortably uncomfortable knowing that each day, week, month, financial quarter, and year would look different.
My income doubled.
Then tripled.
Then quadrupled.
My sense of Who I Am as a person detached from what I do; my people pleasing tendencies disappeared.
I stepped outside of the boxes I had placed myself inside as I tried to conform to who I thought I needed to be in order to have the career I wanted, so that the one I’ve always been meant to have could start to form.
Ease. Joy. Authenticity. Trust. Comfort. Safety.
Things I never felt when I was still crafting a high impact career in the way I thought I was supposed to.
Things I feel in such abundance now that I am floored with gratitude each night by the time I close this here laptop that I’m typing on right now.
I want you to have the juicy delicious FREEING feeling each day when you hit go.
Your drive, talents, creativity… the world needs you.
Not the Wonderbread packaged version of You you were taught to be in grad school.
You get to be all of you, all the time. It’s your birthright.
I want to show you how.

Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2019

Adjunct Professor
American University School
Teaching SISU 306-024, Critical Approaches to IR Research


Provost’s Fellow
George Mason University Office of the Provost
Completing original research on civil rights and family conflict using Baltimore, Maryland as a case study evaluating the limits and potentials of leveraging racial privilege to advocate for civil rights legislation.

2015 – 2018

Executive Director
Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance
Directed all aspects of non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to education equity and inclusive community development.

Led policy advocacy on a range of civil rights issues.

Played instrumental role securing $100M in state and city funding to close historically unprecedented public school budget gap.

Drastically expanded representation of persons of color on leadership team, and applied racial equity framework to all programming.

2012 – 2015

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict at George Mason University
Spearheaded the creation of a research/practice center dedicated to addressing gender-based violence domestically and internationally. Provided subject matter expert consultation to USAID and UNICEF.


US Department Fellow
Higher School of Economics, National Research University (Moscow, Russia)
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education fellowship recipient at Russian Federation’s preeminent research university. Conducted ethnographic research on public policy responses to domestic violence and intimate partner violence.

2011 – 2013 

Dean’s Fellow
George Mason University School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Built high-level relationships with government and private sector to further School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution’s policy influence. Developed five year strategic plan to direct School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution’s engagement on gender-based violence.

2008 – 2011

Founder, CEO 
Mount Degi & Associates
Consulting firm serving women and girls’ focused NGOs. Services included legislative relations, strategic planning, issue advocacy, fundraising and community engagement.


May 2019 Conferral

Doctor of Philosoph, Race and Gender Conflict
George Mason University

Class of 2012

Masters of Arts, Sociology
George Mason University

Class of 2005

Bachelors of Arts, Print Journalism
American University 

Selected Publications

Paved With Good Intentions: The Case for Gender as a Social Structure in Policy Construction.
Mount, Elizabeth D. 2015.
In Deconstructing Women, Peace and Security: A critical review of approaches to gender and empowerment, eds. Sandra Cheldelin and Martha Mutisi. HSRC.

Well Intended Measures: Conceptualizing Gender in Post-Conflict Policy Development.
Mount, Elizabeth D. 2013.
In Advancing Gender Research (18B), eds. Vasilikie Demos and Marcia Segal. Emerald Publishing Group.

Gender, Inequality, and the Measurement Trap.
Dwyer, Leslie K., Thomas Flores, Sandra I. Cheldelin and Elizabeth D. Mount. 2012. Commissioned
Consultation to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Community Leadership

2016 – Present

Advisory Council President, Maryland Maternity Access Coalition, Maryland

2016 – 2018

Board Member, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 

2014 – 2015

Commissioner, Alexandria Commission on HIV-AIDS, Alexandria, VA

2008 – 2010

Mentor, Educate Tomorrow Girls Leadership Project, Miami, FL


Board Member, Georgetown Business Association, Washington, D.C.

2007 – 2008

Volunteer, Calvary Women’s Services, Washington, D.C.

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